3 Ton Ingersoll Rand Beam Clamp 3.20-13.9" Beam Flange Width

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Brand: Ingersoll Rand

BC Series

1-10 metric ton Capacity Beam Clamps provide a temporary or permanent mount to a wide range of tapered or flat beams. They are the ideal rigging device for lifting, pulling or suspending loads. These units have been designed and verified to achieve a minimum design factor of 5:1 for vertical lifting with powered or manual hoists or winches, meeting ASME B30.16 and ASME B30.7. Quick and simple installation is achieved without tools. Units accommodate hook-mounted hoist or load blocks with minimal loss of headroom. The clamp jaws are designed to reduce beam stress by applying the load inside of the flange edge.


  • Quick installation by hand
  • Low-headroom design adjusts to fit a wide range of flat or tapered beams
  • Meets ASME B30.16 for use with powered or manual hoists
  • Each unit is serialized, supplied with a test certificate and manual
  • Metric rated for vertical lifting or in-line pulling at 2200 lbs (1000 kg) per ton