3 Ton Ingersoll Rand HLK Series

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Brand: Ingersoll Rand
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The HLK Series is suitable for A5/H5 severe-duty use in the 0.25 to 6 Ton range.  The HLK Series is designed to be used as a high-speed production hoist.

  • 100 percent duty cycle enables continuous operation
  • Dust, dirt, moisture, and corrosive gases kept out of the motor by air pressure- ideal for foundries and electro-plating applications
  • Simple pull-chain speed and directional controls provide precise load-spotting capabilities
  • Top and bottom latch-type swivel hooks
  • Manual brake release kit
  • Air-operated, non-asbestos, self-adjusting disc brake
  • Heat treated planetary gearing system
  • Upper and lower limit stops prevent dangerous over-travel of the hook 
  • Two-piece, single-line hook black entraps chain links and hook bearing without using small load-bearing pins or fasteners
  • Internal muffler
  • Precision throttle valves
  • Standard link load chain is zinc-plated steel
  • Fabric Chain Container (Included)
  • 10 FT Lift (Included)
  • Pendant Control (Included)
  • 6 FT pendant 
  • Steep top and Bottom Hook (Included)