4 Ton Spanco 300 Series Wall-Mounted Jib Crane- Cantilever

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Brand: Spanco

Spanco Wall-Mounted Jib Cranes require no floor space and no special foundations. They quickly fold out of the way of large overhead cranes.

Additional features and benefits include:

-Our most economical crane, the Wall-Mounted Tie-Rod Supported Jib Crane has no support structure under the boom, so a trolley hoist can travel nearly the full length of the boom.

-The design uses wall brackets with a tie-rod supported boom.

-Engineered with a standard I-beam and single tie rod to eliminate off-center loading problems.

-200° crane rotation

-Up to 20' standard spans; longer spans available

-Holds up to 5 tons

-Powered Rotation available on new cranes or as a retrofit jib drive on 201 Series jibs only