Workstation Cranes

Workstation cranes are a wonderful alternative for maximum flexibility and lifting capability within a workspace. For example, moving the load down a linear path is required for some activities, such as painting lines. Hoist Authority offers a variety of workstation cranes to fit your specific needs.

A freestanding monorail crane is a crane that has a single beam positioned on a vertical support structure, allowing one or more hoists lift and move loads down.

A freestanding bridge crane is frequently used for activities that require transporting loads in all directions.

A ceiling-mounted bridge crane is a wonderful alternative for buildings with limited floor space. The crane is fixed to the ceiling in this scenario, with no supporting structure on the ground. This permits forklifts and other machines to travel about without being obstructed.

We consult with our customers at Hoist Authority to find the best solution for their individual requirements. All of our workstation cranes are custom-built to meet the needs of our customers. We have capacities ranging from 1/8 to 20 tons, with an almost limitless number of variations.