Stainless Steel Gantry Cranes

Stainless Steel Gantry Cranes

Pharmaceuticals, food processing, and clean room applications require more than just moving heavy loads within a small workstation; they must also keep those workspaces exceedingly clean. Other industries, such as chemical processing and oil and gas, may have work environments that are exposed to the elements or that are highly caustic, making corrosion a persistent concern.

Hoist Authority offers a comprehensive selection of stainless steel gantry cranes. Stainless steel gantry cranes are a cheap solution for carrying heavy loads over short distances when space is limited. Our gantry cranes are also extremely durable and corrosion resistant due to their stainless steel composition.

  • Available in weight capacities ranging from 1/8 ton to 10 tons
  • Made with stainless steel that withstands caustic chemicals and washdown situations
  • Handling gantry cranes made of stainless steel are lighter and easier to handle
  • For cleanroom conditions, cranes are shipped without any exterior coatings or paint

Hoist Authority has stainless steel gantry cranes to fulfill your lifting demands, no matter how big or small your organization is.

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