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Below The Hook Devices Advantages & Benefits 

All the advantages and benefits you require are included in the below-the-hook lifting apparatuses and below-the-hook lifting accessories offered by Hoist Authority:

  • Ensure dependable and secure load transportation
  • Reduce the danger to personnel and equipment, especially while moving big or unusually shaped or sized goods.
  • A more effective alternative to the laborious traditional rigging method using slings and hardware
  • Versatile 

Serving your industry

In a wide range of industries, below-the-hook lifting devices and below-the-hook lifting accessories from Hoist Authority are used to raise and move bars or pipes, stack coils, sheets, and plates, move pallets, and move other structural shapes:

  • Steel mills
  • Foundries
  • Steel service centers
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Fabricating facilities
  • Paper mills

Your reliable source for hoist equipment


Hoist Authority offers hassle-free, cost-effective delivery of electric chain hoists, hand chain hoists, lever chain hoists, and hoist accessories.

Superior Goods at Affordable Prices

We only offer the best hoist equipment, brands that have been carefully considered, evaluated, and chosen by our knowledgeable and experienced personnel to fulfill your demands and specifications for performance and power. Additionally, as a major distributor, we are able to provide the best electric chain hoist items at the best costs.

Excellent Customer Service

We are experts in electric and hand chain hoists, lever hoists, and air hoists. By phone, email, or live chat, our customer support agents can rapidly address any queries you may have.

Easily Accessible Website

With just two mouse clicks, you can find what you're looking for on our user-friendly website. You will see all the products that fit your requirements when you click on the category and then the capacity.

Secure Online Purchasing

Hoist Authority makes it safe and secure to buy products. Credit card numbers and other sensitive data are encrypted and safeguarded during transmission to and from our website.  

Contact Our Experts Today

Although we are sure you will find what you're looking for, call us if you don't.  Thousands of different electric chain hoist models are available to us. Get in touch with us right away; Hoist Authority is your ideal partner in hoist equipment.

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