2 Ton RAZE PRO-V2 Series 26/9 FPM Dual Speed 230V Three Phase

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Manufacture Part Number YSSD-200-20FT
Brand RAZE
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Standard Features Include:
  • Dual Speed- 26/9 FPM
  • Galvanized Load Chain
  • Chain Container (Included)
  • Aluminum alloy casting, features rigid structure and light weight
  • Motor framed with radiant cooling fins, permits (dual speed 40/20%, 15%) duty cycle
  • Electro-Magnetic Brake Controller, features simultaneous braking upon release of P.B. even under full load
  • Limit Switch - Fitted at both top and bottom ends, shuts off power automatically to prevent load chain from running out
  • Mechanical Brake - Advanced design, assures secure braking even under overload. In conjunction with motor brake, features ‚"DOUBLE BRAKE SYSTEM" for safety and durability in hoist operation
  • Power to pendant control reduced to 24V or 48V for safer operation
  • Magnetic Contactor - High performance non-fuse circuit breakers allow frequent trouble cycling with free operation
  • Phase Error Relay - A specially designed electric board prevents motor from running at it reverse phased

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