Vertical Lift Stackers to 45"

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Manufacture Part Number 512
Brand Morse
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Vertical Lift Drum Stackers - Up to 45"

Drum lifters on wheels designed to lift and stack a drum

Key Features:

  • Stack a drum up to 101" high (257 cm) high
  • Grips the Top Rim of a Steel, Plastic or Fiber Drum
  • Handles an upright drum only
  • Ergonomic power-lift models available
  • Capacity: 800 Lb. (363 kg)

Vertical-Lift MORSPEED 1500TM Drum Stackers make it simple to lift, move and stack a heavy drum. The compact base and quality components of this Vertical-Lift drum handler make it easy to maneuver.

Vertical-Lift MORSPEED 1500TM Drum Stackers

512 Series Stack drum up to 45" (114 cm) high

522 Series Stack drum up to 101" (257 cm) high

Power Lift Models

  • Model 512-120 and 522-120 have AC motor powered hydraulic lift
  • Model 512-124 and 522-124 have Air motor powered hydraulic lift.
  • Model 512-125 and 522-125 have 12V DC powered hydraulic lift. Includes 12V battery & charger.

Manual Lift Models

  • Models 512 and 522 have hand pump for drum lift

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