Hoist Authority is a proud distributor of Elephant brand material handling equipment. Our supply includes high-performance Elephant electric chain hoists, Elephant pneumatic hoists, and Elephant lever hoists. Additionally, our inventory includes efficient Elephant trolleys, Elephant beam clamps, and Elephant plate lifters. Hoist Authority stands ready to supply you with the solutions you need for your material handling needs. Contact us today!

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Advantages of Elephant Lifting Products

  • Elephant electric chain hoist capacities range from ¼ to 5 tons
  • Elephant air chain hoist capacities range from ¼ ton to 10 tons
  • Elephant hand chain hoists range from 1.6 tons to 50 tons.
  • Galvanized grade 105 steel chains that follow DIN 5684 standards
  • Cost savings through lower energy/ power consumption
  • ISO V grade compliant – perfect for cleanroom applications
  • Tough, Heavy-Duty Motor for durability and longevity of investment
  • ATEX Divisions 1 and 2 for safe applications under harsh conditions
  • Beam clamps are adjustable and can be connected to a variety of steel girders

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